What is a Business Improvement District? (a “BID”)?

A defined area within which businesses pay an additional fee in order to fund improvements in that district. BIDs provide services such as town beautification and attractiveness, promoting and marketing the town, promoting events, developing businesses, undertaking research and future planning, construction of pedestrian and streetscape enhancements.  The services provided by BIDs are supplemental to those already provided by the Council.

How will this benefit me as property investor?

The enhancements made to Kaikohe make it an attractive place for people to shop and live. Promotion of the town leads to further investment, enhancing the values of all properties.

How will this benefit me as a tenant / business owner?

Increased foot traffic past your business, and promotion of the town as a destination (made possible by the funding of a Town Manager). This brings increased spend, turnover and profitability to your business.

Who gets my money?

The BID levies, invoiced as part of your rates bill, are sent to the Kaikohe Business Association. The money is spent in accordance with a strategic plan, enabling the promotion and upgrade of town.

What will my money be spent on?

The Kaikohe Business Association has a five year plan. This includes improving the appearance of town and promoting Kaikohe to attract new investment and businesses. A town manager will enable research and raise further funds to make sustained improvements.  These actions will benefit all businesses.

How can I have a say in that?

Firstly, both businesses (tenants) and property owners have a vote. Once the BID is established you have the right to join the Kaikohe Business Association. Thus you have a democratic right to have equal input into how the BID money is spent.

How can I be sure that the levy won’t be increased dramatically?

Under legislation the levy can only be increased by a maximum of 5% or $5,000 per year. With the BID comes your right to belong to the Kaikohe Business Association and have your say.

What happens if a person or entity owns more than one property?

The person or entity owning more than one property will get one vote only, as they are an individual ratepayer. Each of the tenants of those properties will also have a vote.

How much will I have to pay?

The targeted total of $60,000 per year is spread over more than 200 properties in town. Therefore the average amount being levied is less than $300 per year - less than $6.00 a week. Smaller businesses will pay less and larger businesses will pay more.

When will I be asked to pay my levy?

The levy will be added to your rates bill .Quarterly instalments will then be payable.

What if I don’t wish to be involved?

You have a democratic right to vote in the upcoming ballot. Provided 51% or more of returned ballots are in favour, the BID proceeds. Once the BID is established, all properties will be levied. You are not compelled to join the Kaikohe Business Association but have the right to.

What will be my involvement with the Kaikohe Business Association?

You get as involved as you determine. The more businesses involved in the organisation, with more voices to express opinions and ideas, the better for Kaikohe.

How do I know what is being done with my money?

You will have the right to access the financial reports of The Kaikohe Business Association and to have your input into how the money is spent improving town.

Where else have Business Improvement Districts been implemented in our region?

The nearest town is Kaitaia, who have just started receiving their first instalments. There are 46 Business Improvement Districts in the Auckland Council region, and they are encouraging all Business Associations to follow suit, such has been the benefits of those existing already.

What else do you wish to know?

Please ask and we will do our best to inform you as to the benefits of Kaikohe becoming a Business Improvement District. Please call our chairman Steve Sangster on 401 1099 or
021 555 485, or our BID co-ordinator John Schollum on 401 9294 or 021 1133 073.

We cordially invite you to attend and find out more about the benefits for you and your business of Kaikohe becoming a Business Improvement District.